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Now you can make Drupal Themes from your Photoshop Designs in seconds. This is the first page of the psd2css Online Drupal Theme Test website.

Build a Drupal Theme in Photoshop, name some layers for the content that Drupal will provide, convert the PSD file to a fully functional Drupal (version 6.x) Theme, copy it into your existing Drupal install and it works.

You can define layers by naming them exactly (the whole name, not just the portions that start with underscore) as 'left_drupal' for the left column content, 'content_drupal' for the main content section, 'right_drupal' for the right column content, 'primarylinks_drupal' for the primary links menu items and 'secondarylinks_drupal' for the secondary links menu items.

Here is the PSD file used to make the theme for this site:

The 'Which CMS Should Be Next: Joomla vs. WordPress' Poll Is Over!
The poll was a dead tie at 75 to 75 as of today. But it doesn't matter anymore, because now you can make Joomla templates too! It works pretty much the same as the Drupal features - just name your layers content_joomla, left_joomla, etc. instead. Here is the example Joomla install:

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